The Uttermost Parts of the Earth

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As many of you know I was able to travel to Sri Lanka for five weeks returning back to the US just last week. By the grace of God, I was able to teach two classes at the Colombo Theological Seminary and participate in the 10th graduation ceremony while I was there.

As it often is with mission and ministry there were times of tremendous joy as well as times of struggle and disappointment. Let me try to tell you a little bit about both.

The graduation of 59 CTS students was definitely the high point of my time there. The seminary traditionally takes the students on a retreat before graduation, hosts them for a banquet prepared by the seminary council, and at graduation presents them with a towel along with their degree to remind them of their call to serve.

These events were reminders to me of the Jesus’ beckoning us to a different road from the world as Christians. At the graduation it was difficult to keep from crying when the students knelt at the front of the auditorium and their pastors, representing most of the evangelical churches in Sri Lanka, laid hands on them and prayed for these disciples they had carried and mentored over many years to bring them to that day.

One of the disappointments was when I heard of the emergence of a cult in Sri Lanka where the leader claims that he lives without food by the grace of God. Apparently 49 churches have joined his new denomination while the movement seems to be sanctioned by some government officials as well.

News such as this renewed my resolve to study God’s word, practice it and teach it whenever possible following Ezra 7:10.

I praise God for the opportunity to bask in His goodness in Sri Lanka. He answered our prayer that the family would be kept safe while I was away with a resounding yes.

I’m grateful for the brothers and sisters at Rice Temple, especially in our mission team, who prayed for the success of this journey.

Ivor Poobalan, the president of CTS sends you all his love.

If you want to know more details about my trip and see some video clips of God’s amazing grace, I suggest that you consider joining the RTBC mission team.

Soli Deo Gloria!

-- Vinodh Gunasekera

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