Our Purpose

is to be obedient to God's will.  For our church, this means being:


    Learning about God and applying His teachings to all of life.

Individual and Family-focused

     Individuals and families growing in faith, strengthening relationships and learning to serve.


     Enjoying and expressing His love within the church and to all our neighbors.

Sensitive to all levels of faith

     Newcomers entering into a personal love relationship with Him and sharing His life.

Church Body

Our church body is very active in the community. Being so close to the Medical Center, we have a large number of international members. In our fellowship hall, we have flags displayed from our members' countries of origin.  We are united in Christ!

Our Pastors

Although our church is 70 years old, we have had only four pastors:

  • H. H. Stagg (1941-1944)
  • Vernon Wheeless (1945-1970)
  • Bob Overton (1970-2001)
  • Clint Reiff (since 2002)

History of the church's founding can be found here.