Bible Study

Bible studies that meet throughout the week:

Sunday Classes (9:30 a.m.)

Early attendees are greeted and and invited to attend one of the Bible classes which are offered for all adults and children.


The children's classes are age-based from Kindergarten through High School. Babies and young children are cared for and taught by experienced child care personnel.

Most adult classes are mixed, both in gender and age; there is a also a Women's and a Men's class available if you prefer.

International Class

LifeWay curriculum, currently studying Genesis: Meets in Room 232.  Taught by Remy Bañas and Rhoda Layos.

Ladies' Class

Currently studying Matthew.  Class meets in the parlor, to the right after leaving the sanctuary. Taught by Dr. Marta Davila, Connie Gaskamp, and Gail Hamilton.  Current study: Colossians.

Men's Class

Mostly Seniors.  Currently studying the John MacArthur Bible Study series.  Meets in Room 103, to the left after leaving the sanctuary.  Taught by Dr. Joel Morrisett.

Newcomers & Internationals

Principles of Christian faith.  Meets in Room 241, upstairs and to the left.  Taught by Leonard Townley, Larry Singer, and Wally Ford  Current study: Bible Principles.

Through the Roof

Currently studying God for the Rest of Us.  Meets in Room 210, up the stairs and to the end of the hall.  Led by Clint and Donna Reiff.

College Age and Young Adults

Meets upstairs in Room 231.  Taught by Vinodh Gunasakera, John Scott, and Herb Yuan.  Current study: An exposition of I Corinthians with Application to Church Life.

Young Adults and Others

Currently doing a study of the prophet Jeremiah and Lamentations.  Meets upstairs in Room 243.  Taught by Gary Taylor.

High School (9-12th grade)

Meets upstairs in room 222, taught by Jeremy Bañas and Andy Hamilton.  Current study: Romans.

Middle School (6-8th grade)

Meets upstairs in room 220, taught by Kelly Congdon and Kim Woda.  Current study: Genesis.

3rd - 5th Graders

Lifeway Children's curriculum. Taught by Beverly Lott and Mary Morrisett.

1st & 2nd Graders

Lifeway Children's curriculum.


For age 4 and kindergarteners.  Taught by Nikki Singer and Yadira Taylor.

Little Ones

Christian instruction and care during worship is provided during services and most church functions for children from birth to age 5. 


9:00 am  International Bible Class for women.


Ladies' International Bible Class

Meets upstairs at 6:30 p.m. We are currently studing the book of John.

Taught by Yadira Taylor.


A Filipino class taught by Rhoda Layos meets off-site on alternate Thursdays from 7-9 p.m.  Contact Rhoda for more information.

7:00 p.m. Young Adults Bible Study.  Meets off-site.  Open to all young adults, college age and up. Everyone welcome. Contact Andy Hamilton for more information.